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Benefits children playing plasticine

Cute baby sitting on the carpet, his hand upon her intently plasticine, his mouth kept and remembered songs, then you will feel really smart baby, baby really happy! Plasticine, plasticine can be ever-changing, as is Harry Potter's magical stone like, you can let the baby's childhood thus colorful!

The benefits of a strong shaping and reductive

Often hear parents complain:. "My baby is really skin, everything he demolished broken, also are called to do research, really dumbfounding, the family is not as good as anything." Yes, a few were less remote control car ten dollars more than those few hundred dollars, the robot, the mother severely heart to buy less than the day time, it was horrible to be demolished baby, most mothers will complain and distressed. The plasticine No, it let the baby arbitrary, ever-changing toss to the last original aim or plasticine.

So, Mom and Dad went something despite busy, throw a can of Silly Putty baby, your baby's little hands busy initiative to let the baby go free thinking Imagination, let your baby's little hands more flexible. Great educators Suhomlinski said: "Hand is great awareness of culture who is the creator of wisdom If you let the baby's little hands more flexible, more sensitive touch, the baby will be more intelligent, richer. Creative thinking and more open. "ingenuity put it is the truth.

Imagine the benefits of two open the door

Baby just started playing plasticine, when only a simple twist round or thickness ranging from long, in the eyes of adults, really bad, very, very dull. While in the baby's eyes is not a good.

Once I let the baby play with plasticine, baby neat and quick to rub a long: a thick, one thin. I casually asked one: "Baby, What is this?" "This is the carrot," you say, after the baby's coaching, I realized, just really did not see it!. Baby went on to play, I did not expect a carrot accidentally become crooked! Unfortunately, I had a chance in the next, baby talk: "! Bugs eat carrots, you see, you see, carrot bitten rotten" At this time, I have been shocked, then playing with your baby plasticine Come.

Under my guidance, the completion of the pressure on the baby, twist a twist of cannabis, Hanamaki; plate roll a coil of snakes and small snail; rub a rub, cut a cut octopus and pasta ...... only got small hands exercise, more important is the baby's imagination has been extended, self-confidence has improved, enjoy the joy of success!

The benefits of three divergent cultures

2-3 year-old baby thinking, self-awareness began to increase, what should be said: "! Baby they will, baby themselves" because plasticine reduction, parents can let the baby do get to play free, daring to invent . If necessary, give your baby some, such as toothpicks, feathers and other auxiliary materials, let your baby brains: mud around the toothpick is fitted round the sun, and put on feathers is the chick. Baby in obtaining success, will more actively to create, so as to nurture his divergent thinking.