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Little plasticine, improve baby attention

1 small plasticine usefulness

We all know that the child's strong focus on the future study and work of great help. Only first solve the problem of focus, children can learn seriously. Famous Russian educator Ushinski also believes that "attention is the gateway to children's intellectual development," only opened the door, the attention to the wisdom of the sun sprinkled heart. Note the door open the bigger, the more the baby learned.

Children doing activities if they are interested, you can extend the child's concentration. Parents can start from the child's interest, by encouraging and do not interrupt the child's play way to get the child's attention more focused.

Plasticine is a lot of children like toys. Generally believed that 18 months or more children (babies too young because I like to put things into his mouth to chew, so it was not suitable for playing plasticine) we can start playing plasticine, so in early education in the family, the parents can take use plasticine foster the children's concentration, and play the role of puzzle.

Physical motor skills development

When children play plasticine, often with a small pinching, squeezing or poking plasticine, through the child's hands and fingers tied, pinch plasticine made various exercise our powers, the child's finger to get exercise so as to promote the development of children's motor skills.

Cognitive Development

Play with plasticine can cultivate children rich imagination, children use imagination and other cognitive skills by using plasticine to express their imagination. This helps children learn his environment. Because the child by observing the surroundings, use plasticine to imitate everyday objects. More importantly, the child's imagination has been extended and developed. In the children to complete the work at the same time, self-confidence has improved, enjoy the joy of success!

Emotional management skills

Play plasticine there to help children calm down, depressed or angry resolve their role when emotions. Children with small hands, pinching, squeezing or poking motion plasticine children will bring calm and peace of mind, when playing plasticine children get to experience the joy of a happy mood can teach children effectively control or deal with their anger when angry Methods. In addition, the children's little hands busy playing with plasticine, they may be more willing to use the language to express their feelings and emotions.

Children's scientific thinking trigger

Children by touching things and objects to understand the texture of the object and the surrounding world. Parents can let children understand plasticine cold little hand to the children feel and warm plasticine any different, if the plasticine on the outside one night, plasticine What happens? If the plasticine wet, what will happen? Plasticine how to taste, plasticine is what ingredients? Inspire children to their favorite plasticine questions, so give children more learning opportunities.

2 plasticine family games

Box contains a dozen different colors of modeling clay, not only the amount of colored there is no better math toys. Here are some math games, for your reference. In fact, this game has a lot of, you can also look at your own online yo ~

Mathematics Chapter 1, with a small hand pointing to a number in a box: This method may be no way to adhere to a few baby might pointing count to 5, they begin to chaos, his mouth still 678,910, can not hand already fit Well, this is yet to be parental guidance.

2, all out one by one from the left to the right number: This method is easy to mention the baby's interest, the baby will be very seriously to plasticine moving, moving a number 1, and then move a number 2, so has the number of finished All of the 14 plasticine, plasticine to see their whole moved from the left to the right, move the task successfully completed, the baby will be like playing a victory slap general patting themselves boast "Terrific!."

3 different colors of mud balls made of different sizes, while the count while points Size: not easy to do too much ball, probably do five put together. Let the baby descending or ascending Tarsus; or compare which ball the maximum or minimum, fingers out; holding the largest and smallest of the three than with other, indicate which one slightly larger or smaller, which is not a little small; or the same color balls to find out, but also think a lot of similar games.

Random articles For small children, there are also free to play

Baby know things around ability and development is largely linked to the operation of his hands. In all sports skills, captured object action plays the most important role in the cognitive development of babies. Therefore, shape into a beautiful object is not the ultimate goal of kneading plasticine activities.

Parents can put the kids to arbitrary arrests, piling up in the hands of plasticine, by grasping an object, flip the object and the object observed after releasing what situation will happen, etc., the baby learned a lot about the object scene, sound and feel. Then encourage your baby creative freedom, pinch yourself can imagine all kinds of objects.

It is important to pinch process, rather than the final result.