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Play dough softening method
1, cover with a damp towel on the stem of silly putty, not half a day, can be used again.
2, with a small brush dipped in water to brush over the surface of the silly putty, a few times
3, silly putty on the plastic bag, put in warm water soak for half a day time will be soft.
4, spray some water on the plasticine first, and then cover, a day in the sun to be basked in place, will become soft. If not, then repeat the above steps several times.
5, you can add some appropriate cooking oil, then add water may the effect will be better.
6, don't add too much water at first, every time the wetted surface. Gradually add water, knead again and again.
7, in the hot water bottle mouth with water vapor steaming, knead again, fully knead, it's best to get rid of too much skin dry.
8, the color of mud (plasticine) touch water will rub off, but roll in the mud moisture, kneaded, the color of the hands and will come back to the mud.
9, with a small nozzle spray water, with plastic wrap BaoHaoFang!

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