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Principles child playing plasticine
1, the pleasure principle
 Interest is the baby to explore, learn power. For example: the baby is very like to eat KFC, plasticine play at home, Mom and Dad can be the baby, she said: "I want to eat hamburger, I want to eat French fries." And so do these foods when the baby, parents can buy to the baby, and you can "bargain", eaten the fries chicken wings, chicken eaten eating pork chops ...... baby plasticine help you have a great variety of .
 By playing with plasticine, not only improve the baby's ability, language ability, but also enrich the baby's life experience, enhance the feelings between parents and children, described as "multiple purposes."
 2, the development principles
 Life often see such a scenario: a play plasticine baby will put all the colors and together, turned into a colorful group. This time Mom and Dad do not angry, I feel the baby out of the plasticine spoil. In fact, not simply play plasticine

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